About us

Noventi Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd, focuses on solving clinical unmet needs guiding by microbiology and translational medicine (innovative drugs). For the purpose of providing innovative therapy for patients, Noventi Pharmaceuticals develops innovative therapies to treat serious diseases such as human microecological disorders and multi-drug resistant bacterial infections.

Noventi Pharmaceuticals is meeting the medical and health care needs of patients. NP101, the first small molecule innovative drug for Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea (IBS-D) in China (the third in the world), is about to complete Phase III clinical trial; RMX2001, a new antibiotic analogue of the second generation oxazolidinone, has stronger in vitro and in vivo activity against Gram-positive bacteria, and has excellent pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic parameters. Phase II/III clinical trials will be launched soon. The artificial intelligence aided diagnosis and treatment system (AI doctor) based on natural language processing (NLP) technology and functional gastroenterology medical knowledge base will be launched soon.

Noventi Pharmaceuticals has pharmaceutical research center in Shanghai (focusing on drug introduction, preclinical research, safety evaluation research, management of drug clinical trials, drug registration application, and post-marketing continuous research, etc.), and a Noventi R&D center in Toronto (focusing on verified biological pathways and targets, designed for rapid and clear clinical development paths, guided by supporting biomarkers). This center enables Noventi to more conveniently obtain international frontier candidate drug information. Noventi Pharmaceuticals believes that through data sharing, employee cooperation, R&D and business functions, the transnational operation mode of Noventi Pharmaceuticals will bring higher efficiency.

Noventi Pharmaceuticals was jointly established by well-known investors in the biomedical industry, which has been highly concerned by the capital market. In September 2020, it completed the B round of financing, led by Yingke Capital, an equity investment institution focusing on investing in the pharmaceutical field, and the investment company of Tigermed, a listed company.